Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski teams up with Wendell Pierce to star in a new eight-part series as the rookie analyst – beginning as is sent on an assignment to Yemen

Jack Ryan has been a familiar figure on the big screen since 1990’s The Hunt for Red October, with Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford among the actors who’ve portrayed Tom Clancy’s CIA officer in the film franchise.

Now John Krasinski joins the club when he stars in Amazon Prime’s gripping eight-part TV version alongside Wendell Pierce (The Wire), who plays Jack’s boss, James Greer.

Jack Ryan Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski follows in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford as the CIA operative

It follows the rookie analyst after he finds bank transactions suggesting an imminent terror attack on the West.

‘What I like about the TV series is that it’s eight episodes and that allows us to see Jack figure stuff out, whereas in the movies it all just happens really fast,’ explains John.

‘We get the chance to dig a bit deeper. It was nerve-racking to take on a part that’s been done so many times before by so many different people.’

Krasinski is impressive as Jack, who is in the thick of the action when he travels to Yemen to interrogate a suspect – only for all hell to break out on a military base.

TV Times rating: ****