Jack says farewell to Vera

Jack and Vera are all set to move to Blackpool, but it looks like their plans are set to be shattered. Jack is heartbroken when his wife and soulmate dies.

Michelle has been up all night worrying about Ryan, who is still missing. Michelle finally breaks down and agrees with Steve that they should go out to search for him. But where could Ryan be?

Vicky, Janice and the factory girls excitedly talk about Vicky’s lingerie party. Dan, Harry and Roger find out what they are up to and they are intrigued.

Also, Carla books a double room for herself and Liam on a business trip; David introduces Tina to Audrey and Maria and Gail hopes Tina will be a calming influence on him.

*second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle is in a panic as Ryan still hasn’t turned up at home. Michelle and Steve visit Nick to see if Ryan has turned up at his house, but Ryan isn’t there. Michelle is hysterical about her missing son and Steve tries to reassure her that Ryan is a smart kid and will be able to look after himself.

Maria is desperate to move ahead with the wedding plans, but she has trouble getting a commitment from Liam. Maria is left seething when her fiance admits that he can’t visit wedding venues with her the following week as he and Carla have an overnight stay for a business meeting.

Vicki hosts her lingerie party at Janice’s and the girls are having a great time. Janice answers a knock at the door and is surprised to discover Roger, Dan and Harry! Janice tells the lads that she’ll let them stay if they agree to model some of the lingerie and they bid a hasty retreat. Later, Kelly dupes Dan into buying a round of drinks on the promise of a private showing of her new underwear.

Also, Gail bursts in on David and Tina snogging but she’s happy that David is behaving like a normal teen.