On his first day back at work, Jack ignores the wad of paperwork to look up Sam and Rory’s file. But Tony’s unimpressed to find Jack reading the file and warns him to stay away from Sam – tracking her down could put her life in danger.

Needing closure, Jack ignores him, and after receiving a tip-off on Sam’s whereabouts, goes after her. Sam is furious with Jack for jeopardising her safety but tells Jack she loves him. However, her first priority is protecting Rory, therefore he must promise to never try to find them again. Jack reluctantly agrees and bids a final farewell to Sam and Rory.

Stunned to discover that James is still smoking pot, Kit insists she doesn’t want drugs anywhere near her or her unborn baby. Later, Kim comes to see Kit to discuss finding a midwife for the baby, when he spots the remains of James’ joint in the sink. Kit defends James, but Kim is unimpressed and insults Kit for going out with a dope-head.

James agrees to stop using dope after Kit tells him she wants to be with a man without drug dependency. But later, a restless James finds the temptation too much, and fishes his bag of drugs out of the bin.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday June 7*

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