Jack seeks help with his schoolwork

Jack meets with his tutor Lucy to discuss his slipping grades and late coursework. She’s understanding when he explains the problems at home, but suggests he lets them sort it out themselves so that he can concentrate on his studies and she will help him with a work plan.

Imogen arrives back home with a group of friends – including Mo’nique. Jack takes his work upstairs, but later he gets a call from a complaining neighbour and so he kicks them all out. Imogen drunkenly falls asleep on the sofa – Jack surveys the mess but softens as he puts a blanket over her.

Mrs Tembe is full of self-importance as she goes with Julia to find an outfit to meet The Queen. In an expensive boutique they meet Mo’nique, who clearly thinks they’re too old to be in there and is unhelpful as she chats on the phone. Mrs Tembe looks horrendous in everything, Julia gets frustrated and the whole trip is a disaster.

Later, Mrs Tembe offers herself to Heston as a student of etiquette. Heston ropes in Cherry to play The Queen as he plays the role of Courtier introducing Mrs Tembe, but when Cherry asks her a serious question about the NHS Mrs Tembe panics and they start again…

Meanwhile, Jimmi helps a drugs worker who is out of his depth.

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