Sean is suspicious when Stacey is insistent that they get out of Walford and visit Little Mo. Stacey is forced to confess that she and Bradley went to the address they found in his pocket. Sean insists that he can’t remember what happened to him. Later, Sean spots Jack with Tanya and he confronts Jack in a rage. Jack refuses to be rattled and advises Sean to forget Tanya and concentrate on finding Roxy and his unborn baby.

Jack decides to gazump Max on the house, but Tanya worries about his true motivation. Meanwhile, Ronnie returns to Walford without Roxy and confesses to Jack that Roxy did a runner after a row. Ronnie is put out when she realises that Tanya is with him and they’ve been sleeping with each other. Later, Peggy takes a mystery phone call and it seems she knows where Roxy is…

Vinnie is looking forward to having Shirley to himself when they go away on holiday and he happily starts making plans. Vinnie is dismayed when Shirley confesses that she’s invited someone else – Heather is coming with them!

Also, Max tells Jack that Suzy phoned and they agree that she must be after money.

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