Jack’s excited for his first day at Erinsborough High and, as Elly shows him round, she lets him know she’s thrilled to have him on board. However, it seems Elly isn’t the only person happy to have Jack at the school. As he settles in, it doesn’t take long for long line of teenage girls and a few teenage boys to form. Will Jack’s good looks be a hindrance in his job?

Meanwhile, Steph can’t shake her concerns from where Amy got her money from. Determined to make sure Amy isn’t involved in something dodgy, she speaks to Paul who immediately confronts his daughter. Will Amy tell them where the money to fund the wellness centre really came from?

Also, Leo and Mishti are still enjoying their secret romance, but Dipi wants to know when her sister’s going to make their relationship public. Mishti says she’s finally ready to tell the world about her and Leo, as a friend who was looking into his background has given him the all clear.

Elsewhere, Leo is becoming increasingly worried about Courtney’s intentions towards his dad and hatches a plan to show Paul who Courtney really is. However, Leo’s plan backfires spectacularly and has major consequences…