Jack’s eating habits are worrying Karen, spurring her to take him to lunch. To prove he’s not anorexic, he eats a plate of chips.

Later, Jack asks Tony how he pulled the gorgeous student he saw him with. Tony reveals he was overweight as a sixth former, failing his A-Levels, until he started working out. Now his grades are better as is his sexual prowess. Jack is impressed and Tony suggests he join him at the gym the next day.

Richard, the consultant from yesterday, calls Elaine to apologise, and convinces her to go to lunch with him. At first the two seem to be getting along fine, but when Elaine starts to talk about Yoga, Richard takes the mick and Elaine storms off.

Richard catches up with her later and apologises. He explains that he wants to get to know her better and touches her face. But she walks away flustered.

Shortly after Heston finds Elaine crying on her bean bag. She claims it’s just ‘therapeutic’ crying, but as Heston leaves it’s clear she is genuinely upset.

Later on, a scrub nurse from Heston’s past arrives at the Mill, demanding he give her beta blockers.

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