Jack still wants Martha

While Martha ponders her future, Jack admits to Tony that he would like a relationship with Martha. At the Diner, Martha tries to talk to Jack about their relationship, but the moment is broken by the arrival of Ric, Alf, Sally and Brad. During the happy family reunion, Sally asks Martha to move back home, but she tells her she still wants her independence.

Later, she and Jack get closer after a heart-to-heart, but Martha makes it clear she needs Jack in her life, although only as a friend. Jack understands it’s too soon for them, but still holds out hope of relighting their old flame.

Belle and Drew both secretly want to get back together, but refuse to admit it. Meanwhile, Jules also won’t admit to himself that he has feelings for Cassie. He taunts her to get her attention, but his attitude only serves to irritate her, until she snaps and tells him to get out of her life for good.

Things go from bad to worse for Jules when Belle announces that he fancies Cassie in front of the whole class. The feud between Belle and Jules intensifies as they play competing tricks on each other, until Brad clamps down on his unruly pupils, putting them on detention.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday August 7*

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