Jack plays the supportive boyfriend

In Steph's time of trouble, Jack offers a shoulder to lean on

Jack goes with Steph to her hospital appointment but the pair are unaware that Paige sees them entering and leaving the hospital while visiting David at work. When leaving the hospital, Steph looks upset and Paige wants go over and comfort her, but David stops her in her tracks. With David telling Paige to leave Steph and Jack to it, Paige starts to become alarmed and wants to know what exactly is wrong. Paige is unable to drop her feelings of curiosity and confronts Steph and Jack about their trip to the hospital. How will Paige react when Steph tells her about her flashbacks?

Meanwhile, Amy is left confused as to why Sonya is pushing her to pursue a relationship with Toadie. Sonya tells Aaron what she’s done and, later, admits she only pushed Amy to ask out Toadie because she wants to be sure that Toadie only had eyes for her. Sonya then begins to worry that Toadie really does have feelings for Amy. Meanwhile, Amy has a chat with Toadie and tells him that Sonya believes they would make the perfect couple. How will Toadie react to Amy’s words?

Sonya then has to deal with Sheila and Karl’s constant arguing as they work together on the Liveability committee. Sonya decides the committee should vote for who they want to be in charge. Will the committee choose Sheila or Karl? Later, Karl finally admits what happened in Thailand that has caused such a huge divide between him and Susan…