Jack tries to help Tiffany with one of the toys she got for her birthday but accidentally cuts his hand. Tiff takes him into the kitchen to get a plaster then lets slip that Bradley had blood on his hand on Christmas Day. Jack is stunned by the revelation. Can his nephew be Archie’s killer?

Amira asks Zainab and Syed what they are arguing about. Syed looks about to blurt out the truth, but Zainab manages to stop him and Syed storms out. Amira later confronts Syed about their lack of action in the bedroom and she confesses that she kissed Danny Mitchell. Syed takes Amira home to finally consummate their marriage. Syed smugly tells Christian the news, but he is shaken when Christian reveals that he’s split up with Leyton.

Bianca introduces Billie to Whitney and there’s a spark between them. Billie hints to Bianca that their mum Carol would like to be at the wedding. Bianca refuses to have anything to do with her mum unless Carol apologises for not taking her and the kids in when they were homeless.

Also, Becca secures a stall for her and Stacey; Dot discovers that Dotty stole Tiff’s bridesmaid’s dress; Peggy overhears Danny talking to Glenda.