Jack takes the news badly!

Jack is reeling from the news of Diane’s dalliance with Billy. Meanwhile, Victoria spots Billy in the village and she tells him he’s about to get his comeuppance! Billy is worried and he calls Diane but her phone is engaged as she’s talking to Val, who tips Diane off that Jack knows the truth.

Diane rushes home to try to save her marriage. But Jack refuses to listen to her pleas and he demands to know who she’s been sleeping with. Diane protests that she hasn’t slept with Billy, but Jack tells a weeping Diane that their marriage is over.

Billy knocks on the door and a raging Jack attacks him. When Andy arrives with Daz and Victoria he tries to pull them apart. Victoria is in pieces but Jack is short with her and she rushes out. Victoria sees Billy and she yells at him for ruining her family. Billy spitefully blurts out that Victoria wouldn’t be so sure about the saintliness of her own family if she knew the truth about her mother’s death…

Also, Gray is upset when he realises that Perdy has been confiding in Katie rather than him; the villagers practise for the pub quiz.