Jack throws Darren out!

Frankie and Jack aren’t convinced that Darren’s newest business venture will save The Dog from Warren’s clutches. Jack’s heart starts playing up when Warren starts unloading a new kind of beer for the pub and he ends up chucking the beer in the pond. Darren backs Jack up, but is gutted when Jack turns on him and disowns him. Darren ends up in a homeless shelter.

Meanwhile, Frankie demands a truce between Warren and Jack while Newt’s social worker visits. The visit doesn’t go too well with everything in the pub going wrong – but Newt tells the social worker that he’s happy at The Dog and wants to stay.

Worried he made a mistake with Zoe last night, Mike is snappy with her over breakfast and goes to the shop to avoid awkwardness. Zoe guiltily insists that she should move out, but Sarah begs her to stay. Later, Zoe and Mike argue about the night before prompting Zoe to pack her bags realising that things will just be too complicated if she stays.

Myra is annoyed at Michaela’s poor attendance at school and enlists Kieron to help get Michaela back into school by helping him out at the homeless shelter.

Also, Rhys, Elliot and Zak secretly sign each other up for the upcoming Mr. Hollyoaks competition.