Jack tries to get one over on Janine

Jack is in a bad mood with Ronnie and a wily Janine suggests that he sell his half of the club and get rid of the hassle and Jack seems to take the bait. Janine tells a stunned Billy that she just needs ten grand to get her hands on the club. Later, Janine hands Jack a wad of notes, but she’s been had by Jack and Ronnie and Ronnie tells her she’s a loser. Janine is furious and she later slips into the club office with a petrol can and rifles through Jack’s paperwork. Jack spots Janine on the webcam and storms in to confront her.

Patrick is horrified when he learns that Denise has gone up to Birmingham to talk round Yolande and he tells Linda that they may have to call things off. Denise returns with bad news for Patrick, as Yolande doesn’t want Patrick back. Later, a mysterious man seems to be looking for Patrick.

Masood buys Zainab a glamorous new outfit and claims that he needs her to be in the publicity shots for their catering business. Zainab prepares for the pictures, but Masood has in fact arranged a romantic anniversary surprise.

Also, Jay tells Marissa that they should leave that night.

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