Jack tries to seduce Ronnie

Jack asks Ronnie to work at the club that night and the atmosphere is electric. But when Ronnie arrives it’s clear that Jack has set her up to spend a romantic evening alone together. Ronnie coolly tells him that she is not falling for his tricks and she spends the evening with Roxy, who has blown out Jase after his ‘date’ turned out to be fish and chips at home with Jay!

Kevin is worried when Denise heads out to measure up curtains for their new house as he knows that he needs more money. Darren worries about Kevin selling Phil’s stolen cars, especially when ex-copper Jack comes sniffing around. Later, Jack tells Phil that he knows he’s selling stolen cars at the car lot, but they are also ‘cut-and-shut’ deathtraps. An unknowing Phil is stunned.

Stacey can’t bring herself to leave the house but a concerned Steven persuades her to have a drink at the Vic. Bradley calls to see Stacey and he’s put out when he learns she’s gone out. Bradley turns up at the Vic just in time to see Stacey losing it with the gawping pub punters and going into details her affair with Max.

Also, Abi sneaks Oscar out to see Max; Shabnam has a secret night out with the girls.

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