Jack tries to stand firm

Jack pulls away from his kiss with Ronnie and regretfully tells her that he is with Tanya, but Ronnie is left hopeful. Roxy confronts Jack about sniffing around Ronnie and warns him off. Roxy is rattled when Jack wonders if he could be her baby’s father and she defensively insists that Sean is the dad.

Meanwhile, Tanya has let Max into the house with the pizza. Max puts on the concerned act and tries to convince her to open up, but Jack returns and interrupts. Jack wants Tanya to tell Max about France and is frustrated when she refuses. Jack defies Tanya and puts the ‘sold’ sign up outside the house. Ronnie sees and is heartbroken…

Ian is the butt of Jane’s jokes and feels humiliated, but he keeps a low profile. Tamwar is next to take the stage and he and Jane later congratulate each other after a successful evening. Tamwar returns home to tell his parents that he wants a career in comedy! Meanwhile, Jane feels guilty when Ian confronts her about her ‘Mrs Beale’ act, but is torn when Ian begs her to give it up.

Also, Archie rattles Sean when he talks about the responsibilities of being a father.

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