Jack wakes from his coma

After waking from his coma, Jack tells Martha he was waiting for her voice and, taking her hand, asks her why she’s not wearing her wedding ring – he thinks they’re still married. But when Sam and Rory arrive, everything comes back to him. As a delighted Sam showers him in kisses, the intense emotion he felt when he saw Martha stays with Jack, and Sam begins to sense something between her fiance and his ex-wife.

When Tony learns what happened when Jack woke up, he tells him to wait and not risk everything while he’s in such a confused state of mind. Jack reluctantly agrees, and Sam is grateful when Martha arrives with the final divorce papers. But Martha is forced to lie and tells Sam that Jack’s first words when he woke up were to ask where she was.

On their road trip, Drew and Belle are unaware that Dom is back and following them – and he’s still obsessed with Belle. But their journey is cut short when Belle discovers she’s landed the cadetship she wanted as a photographer for the Coastal News, and has to return to the Bay.

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