Jack wants Ronnie back

Janine tells Archie that Ronnie slept with Ryan. Archie tells Janine about Ronnie’s childhood sweetheart and Danielle’s biological father Joel and suggests she tell Ryan that Ronnie might be trying to trap him into getting her pregnant. Janine steals Ronnie’s address book and plots to track down Joel. Meanwhile, Jack tells Ronnie that he loves her and he wants them to have a baby but Ronnie defiantly insists that it’s too late for them.

Denise is worried about Libby’s strange mood. Chelsea makes a surprise return to the Square for Libby’s birthday party at the Vic and she’s horrified when she sees Liz. Denise is in shock when Liz gatecrashes Libby’s birthday party. Libby defiantly tells Denise and her family that she’s visited Owen and Denise can’t stop her from seeing him again.

Christian is discharged from hospital and arrives for work at the Masala Unit. Zainab is shocked by his appearance. Syed tells Christian that he’ll to go to the police station with him when he goes to give his statement for moral support but Christian insists he needs to be alone, as he feels too confused when he’s around Syed.

Also, Lucas is relieved when he gets his divorce papers through.

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