Jack won’t give up on Ronnie

Ronnie stays over at Jack’s again, but in separate rooms. Roxy tries to persuade Ronnie that beauty therapy is what she needs to seduce Jack. Ronnie is unsure of how she feels. Later, Ronnie has a run-in with Rainie, and she reveals to Roxy that Jack slept with Rainie. Roxy reveals that Jack entrusted her with his wedding ring and tries to convince Ronnie of Jack’s continued love. Ronnie and Jack get back together and he tells her he won’t give up on them.

Carol, Jack and Max discuss putting Jim into a care home. Dot overhears them and insists she can look after him, but they decide that their father needs proper care and arrangements are made for him to be taken by ambulance later. Jim and Dot share a moving moment when they realise he has to go into care.

Tamwar discovers his father’s clothes in a cupboard under the stairs and is suspicious about his parents’ marriage. Zainab, in need of a babysitter for an unwell Kamil, allows Syed to look after him. Yusef deliberately mentions to Masood that Syed is looking afer a poorly Kamil. A furious Masood takes Kamil from Syed, but not before engaging in a heated exchange with him.

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