Jacka confesses to Mark

Mark learns the truth about the Lassiters explosion from Julie and her accomplice, Jacka. An insurance scam gone awry, Julie admits she hired Jacka to blow up the boiler. When Jacka messed up and caused death and destruction, Julie knew she’d be the prime suspect and decided to frame Paul.

Gary asks Aaron to set up a meeting with Tom so they can ‘sort out’ her remaining debt. But Tom’s floored when Gary refuses to cough up and accuses him of stealing the money from his stepmother. Too low to deny it, Tom’s left firmly at sea…

The news that Paul’s innocent reverberates around Erinsborough and Terese is wracked with guilt. Mark and Steph’s relationship is pushed to the brink when Steph accuses Mark of bias – and angry Piper takes out her fury on Julie, slapping her en route to remand. The news is surprisingly cathartic for Lauren and Brad, and the pair vow to move past their recent troubles.