Jack Rimmer makes a surprise return to Waterloo Road with a proposal for Davina: he’s got a job in Dubai and he wants her to go with him. Later, Tom and Davina are having dinner when Tom turns up to fight for his girl. Back home, Tom’s drowning his sorrows when Davina comes round, and she’s made her decision… Meanwhile, wealthy Frenchman Claude Legard arrives but, horrified at the school’s low standards, refuses to part with any cash. Desperate, Steph has lunch with Claude at his hotel, but when she rebuffs his advances, Rachel sacks her as financial director. Later, Claude returns and wants to give Steph the money. Also, Donte wins a holiday but he’s not sharing his prize with Celine; Grantly and Steph are alerted to cheating – but choose to turn a blind eye; and Chlo hatches a plan to get Davina and Tom back together. And Stuart Hordley photocopies press cuttings of Rachel’s past… what’s he up to?