Ronnie arranges a surprise party for Honey’s birthday when Billy’s plans don’t come up to scratch. Meanwhile, Honey plots her own surprise for Ronnie, enlisting Pam’s help. At the party, Honey tricks Ronnie into wearing a blindfold for ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. When Ronnie opens her eyes she’s stunned to see Jack! Conflicted when she realises Jack is only there because Honey texted him, Ronnie runs out. By the time she returns, a disappointed Jack has left. Catching up with Jack and getting into his cab, Ronnie passionately kisses him…

Nancy has a row with Linda when she refuses to be happy about Lee’s engagement to Whitney. When Linda helps Whitney plan the wedding, a jealous Nancy storms off. Finding Donna in the café, Nancy is pushed into admitting that it’s not just that she doesn’t like Whitney, she’s feeling low about her own life. Returning home to apologise, Nancy promises to make an effort. When Lee confesses he scuppered Nancy’s chances at The Rat, however, Nancy is infuriated, telling Linda she’s leaving!

Denise covers when Shirley finds a visiting order for Lucas, saying the papers are for Jordan. Worried for Denise, Shirley and Kathy convince Denise to rip up the papers. Meanwhile, Jordan continues to clash with Kim but he later has good news for Denise, revealing he’s signed up for a carpentry course.

Also, Claudette is blackmailed by Gavin, and Abi realises her one-night-stand will need an STD test.