As the new term continues, Jack Rimmer is reinstated as acting head of Waterloo Road comprehensive following the swift resignation of Andrew Treneman. Jack steps confidently back into his job – knowing that he has a hold over Roger Aspinall, the school’s wealthy sponsor and Chair of Governors.

Meanwhile, Mika is being victimised and fears that the whole school may have seen topless images of her on an internet site. Just when she feels she has no one to turn to, Steph Haydock steps in as good samaritan. But Steph’s good intentions backfire when her trap to confront the bullies goes horribly wrong…

Elsewhere, Lorna asks Andrew out on a date. When he readily accepts, Lorna wastes no time in boasting to Kim who denies she’s interested in him. Kim can’t forgive Andrew for being disloyal to Jack and does her best to supress any feelings she has for him. And, try as he might, Andrew can’t get through to Kim to make amends.

Also, desperate to lose his virginity, Donte plans the perfect night with long-term girlfriend Chlo and books a romantic meal. But bully Lewis Seddon has got himself a job in the restaurant – and wherever he goes, trouble soon follows…

And PA Davina considers rekindling a romance with new pupil Brett.

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