Jack’s back on the scent of his wife’s killer

You know how sometimes you want something so badly you can almost taste it? Well, Jack Halford is practically drooling when he finds himself face to face again with Ricky Hanson, the man who got away with killing Jack’s beloved wife, Mary, and who walked free after trying to kill him.

The Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) are led to Hanson when they investigate the disappearance 25 years earlier of political activist Sarah Jones. She and her boyfriend, Daniel, had been protesting about the particularly offensive racist, sexist and homophobic comedian Ray Harris. However unfunny he was, Harris is still in business and still attracting protests – this time led by Sarah Jones’s niece, Jo.

Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman likes Jo’s spirit and decides her team will try to find out what happened to Sarah and Daniel all those years ago. Their digging turns up some disturbing facts: the missing couple had gone undercover in a nasty fascist group and were feeding information to a cop, DCS Frank Paterson – not a favourite person of Gerry Standing’s. Also linked to the right-wing group is Hanson.

Jack, Gerry, Sandra and Brian Lane are desperate to put Hanson away but can they link him to this case? Or will he turn the tables on them again and shut them down?

David Troughton, Joe Absolom, Phil Daniels, John Henshaw and Hannah Waterman guest star.