Jack’s in turmoil

Sam’s secret is out, as Jack reads Johnny’s letter in a state of shock and betrayal, Sam can do nothing as her happy future unravels. Jack’s first instinct is to go straight to the cops, but Sam convinces him to make a deal.

He agrees to give her a 12-hour head start before he goes to the police, letting her take the car and some cash, but she has to leave Rory with him. As she packs her things, a devastated Jack drinks away his problems on the beach.

He returns in the morning, and is shocked to see Sam is still there. But before he can call the police, she tells him she is pregnant.

Jazz and Tony are having a good time at the reunion, until Jazz makes an unthinking comment about Rachel, revealing her true colours. Jazz decides to fall back on Plan B – getting Tony drunk. He’s well on his way by the time they return to the hotel, but when they kiss, Tony mutters Rachel’s name, leaving Jazz having to admit defeat.

Also, Roman surprises Martha with a romantic candlelight dinner in the new Diner.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 2*

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