Jack’s in turmoil

Jack comes home from hospital but, although his physical wounds have started to heal, he’s emotionally unsettled, unable to shake off the feeling that he and Martha should be together. Sam, however, is ecstatic to have Jack home and accelerates their wedding plans, inviting Reverend Hall around for lunch. But when the Minister carefully questions Jack and Sam on their attitude to marriage, Jack becomes uneasy at being asked to examine himself, and things become worse when Martha turns up.

Later, Jack manages to tell her that the feelings he had for her haven’t gone away since he regained consciousness. Martha isn’t interested, and when he turns up in the middle of the night, reminds him that she’s with Michael now, and Jack’s engaged to Sam.

Dan doesn’t manage to change Ryan’s mind about going to America, and the issue escalates when Dan receives an angry call from Amanda who’s annoyed that she hadn’t been told of the proposal. But after a chat with Ryan, Leah realises that he is missing his mum and it’s that rather than America that he’s reacting to. Leah and Dan agree to Ryan’s request to go and live with Amanda, and the move to America is back on track.

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