Having been knocked unconscious by Frank, Jack’s life hangs in the balance. Luckily, McGrath finds him at the station, and with Jack’s pulse increasingly faint, he quickly calls for help. Jack is rushed to hospital with severe head injuries as he fights for his life.

Lucas heads over to Belle’s to offer his support after hearing about Amanda’s betrayal and their chat soon turns intimate when they share a kiss. But they’re interrupted when Lucas gets a call about Jack. They rush to the hospital where they’re confronted with the grim news that Jack’s injuries may mean he could lose the use of his legs.

Things turn worse when Rachel reveals Jack needs a blood transfusion, and with such a rare blood type, it will be tough to find a donor. Knowing that Jack has Peter’s liver, Lucas suggests trying Drew, but Rachel is perplexed to discover from Drew’s file that Peter’s blood type isn’t the same as Jack’s – it’s impossible that Jack has Peter’s liver!

Meanwhile, Drew is ready to leave the Bay. He tries to hitch a ride when a car pulls up and a man jumps out and forces Drew into the car. Later, Drew is shocked to see his dad Peter Baker standing in front of him!
*Screened on RTE, Wednesday 7th February*