Jack is rushed in for emergency surgery. Tensions rise in the hospital as the Brannings wait for news. Chelsea is also holding vigil and comments that Billie shouldn’t be there. Bianca is equally angry with her brother for his involvement with Kylie and tells him she doesn’t want him near her kids. Whitney calls Billie, but he doesn’t pick up and she leaves a message saying she loves him. Billie makes a decision and tells Carol that he’s going to join the army.

Phil is delighted when he learns that Louise will be dropped off later that day. Shirley persuades Ben to make an effort with Louise for Phil’s sake and he opts to make a cake for her welcome home party. Ben is hurt when an unwitting Phil turns up with a lavish shop-bought cake. Ben is jealous when Louise arrives and is the centre of attention.

Danny is hurt when Peggy excludes him from Louise’s welcome home party and he gripes to Roxy. Danny later makes a mysterious phone call and hides a bag in the Vic.

Also, Minty chucks Billy and Jay out and they move in with Heather; Janine fishes for a job in the club.

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