Jack’s patience is running out with Rob

Jack hasn’t slept a wink with his dad snoring all night, and isn’t convinced when Rob says that Karen will have seen sense by now. Meanwhile, unsympathetic Zara finds Karen vomiting in The Campus toilets before surgery.

To Karen’s fury Rob turns up with some limp looking flowers, and she makes a point of not talking to him. Julia notices the atmosphere straight away and gently tells Rob that maybe he should leave it for now. Rob agrees and leaves but waits for Karen outside.

When Karen appears for some air, Rob appeals to talk to her but once again can’t help saying the wrong thing. Rob ends up at Jack’s but he can’t stay there as someone in the halls complained. Jack returns home where Karen goes ballistic that he’s brought some of his dad’s washing home, while Rob is forced to check into a cheap hotel.

Elaine tries to cheer Simon up but it has the opposite effect and when Simon gets a message that the Drummond serious case review is on Tuesday, it makes him just want to go home.

Also, Zara manages to inadvertently help Frank and Susie who are stuck in a rut; she is desperate to have a baby and Frank is feeling the pressure.

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