Jack’s rushed to hospital

Clinging to life, Jack is rushed to hospital, leaving family and friends to wait for news on whether he will pull through. Although the surgery goes well, Jack is left in a coma. Back at the police station, George is giving his statement to McGrath and Fitzy about what happened at the bank, with his version of events blaming Jack for the robbery. Wanting more information, Fitzy asks Tony if he knows something that might clear Jack’s name.

Meanwhile, Martha has realised George was the other person she overheard talking during the robbery. Fully intent on silencing her, George corners Martha in the apartment, but luckily, Fitzy arrives just in time to save her. George tries to deny everything, but Fitzy soon discovers his connections with Colin Marshall and brings him to justice. While Jack is cleared of any involvement in the robbery, he remains in a coma, with his life hanging in the balance.

Ric agrees to service the car of garage client, Vivian Anderson, who’s clearly developing a romantic interest in him. Later, while Ric relaxes, he feels a pair of hands working his shoulders, and assumes it’s Matilda. But when he turns around, he’s stunned to see Viv, intent on seducing him.

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