Jack’s son is in trouble… again!

DCI Jack Meadows has already put his drug-dealing son Ben in prison once. Is he going to have to do it again? It looks like it, in this two-part story…

Ben is out of prison and seems to have gone straight back to drug-dealing. Pc Leon Taylor has seen him at the site of a drugs den, where two men knocked a young woman, Petal Ford, unconscious. When DC Mickey Webb questions Petal, she says she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and doesn’t know Ben. But Mickey discovers that she is, in fact, Ben’s girlfriend.

DS Stuart Turner tells Mickey to keep the news about Ben to himself, while Jack sets about making a plan to round up the dealers. The gang’s leader, Danny Travis, is already under lock and key but that hasn’t hindered his business. In fact, he’s using his time behind bars to his advantage. With him in prison is Petal’s younger brother and it has been made clear to her that he won’t be safe if she doesn’t help the drug dealers.

Ben tells the Sun Hill officers he’ll help catch the gang but, in the middle of the drug deal, the police hear gunshots and find that Ben’s gone missing – with the drugs and the money.

*Story concludes on Thursday June 25*