Karen phones Jack to make sure he’s coming into The Mill to have his stitches removed. She tells Cherry she’s worried about his mental state.

Cherry tries to get Jack to open up and suggests he speak to victim support but when Karen enters to observe as part of her HCA Training, her optimism about Jack’s injuries upsets him.

When he finally snaps, Karen leaves upset. Cherry insists on giving Jack the support number, which he’s about to call when Tony appears. He heard about the mugging and suggests Jack go to the gym with him; he’s in bad shape and needs to toughen up.

Jack ignores him but when he’s gone, he studies his injuries in the mirror – he’s badly bruised and looks incredibly frail. At the end of the day, Jack seeks out Tony and tells him he’s going to join him in the gym after all.

At the Campus Surgery, Heston moans to Elaine about the stupidity of homeopathy, although when she points out an article about the healing power of music, he concedes that it’s something he believes in.

Ruth is taken back to her school days when her old music teacher prepares to audition for a new TV Talent Show.

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