Jack’s will is read

Andy and the Sugdens go to Jack’s will reading and the three brothers and Victoria have been left equal annual amounts, while Diane has been left a 50 per cent share of the remaining estate. Andy is furious that he’s not getting the full amount and demands extra money to pay for the cattle, but Victoria disagrees with him. Diane agrees to put the money into the farm, but insists that they all have equal shares in the business.

Chas has food for thought when Katie suggests that Paddy might be just the kind of man she needs and later Chas is impressed when Paddy prevents Carl from laying into Aaron. Chas moves in for a kiss, but Paddy backs off, as he doesn’t want her kisses out of pity. Chas insists she means it and they are soon heading for the bedroom.

Natasha is annoyed when she finds out that Maisie is still in the village and tells her that if she’s staying around then she needs a job. Troublemaker Maisie decides to wind up her parents by telling them she’s got a job as a barmaid in The Woolpack, but it backfires when they are fine with her working behind the bar.

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