Jackson agrees to give life another go

As desperate as Jackson is to die, Aaron and Hazel are doubly desperate for him to live, but Jackson is unresponsive to their pleas. Later, though, Aaron talks to him alone and, finally, Jackson starts to speak from his heart. Knowing Aaron has really listened to him, Jackson says he will try to make a life for himself.

Kelly is determined to make a life with Jimmy and Scarlett finds herself helping her. Realising there’s something she doesn’t know about Jimmy’s disappearance, Scarlett confronts him and is stunned when he reveals that Kelly claims they were having an affair. Then it’s Scarlett’s turn to surprise Jimmy when she reveals how broken-hearted Kelly was after she aborted their baby. Hmmm, Scarlett’s picture of Kelly is very different to Carl’s. Meanwhile, Kelly’s shown her face to a surprised Bob and says she needs a bed for herself – and one other person. And she doesn’t mean Jimmy…

Alicia’s got a funny way of showing her gratitude for the beds Leyla and David have given her and Jacob. She lashes out at Leyla for buying Jacob a jumper. The real problem, though, is that Alicia is broke and she’s getting desperate for money.