Jackson has Aaron on his mind

Alone with his thoughts, Jackson is conflicted; he loves Aaron and he wants him ,but he thinks the best thing he can do for him is let him go. Meanwhile, Aaron turns to his mum for advice on what to do about Flynn, whose phone number is burning a hole in his pocket. Chas does the smart thing and tells him to talk to Jackson. So he does. And Jackson tells him their relationship is over; they’re only friends now. So Aaron should call Flynn. That’s what Jackson’s lips say, but not his heart.

Young Jacob’s heart is aching, too; he desperately wants to get his father’s attention and that’s why he steals from Leyla’s shop, because he wants to buy his dad a present. Come on, Alicia, let the boy see his father! And she does. She finally sees how her point-scoring with Justin is affecting Jacob and, with Leyla acting as referee, Alicia agrees to let Justin see Jacob and he agrees to drop the custody battle.

Andy launches his battle to clear his name. Fed up with Henshall taunting him, Andy talks to Henshall’s partner, Detective Prior, about the harassment and how Henshall has been chasing Katie for weeks.