Jackson prepares for the end

It’s a night of parties and Jackson has invited his nearest and dearest to the Woolpack for drinks, no one’s quite sure what they are celebrating and Hazel and Aaron’s brooding looks don’t give them any clues. Paddy decides to raise a glass to Jackson’s health and thanks him for being an inspiration. It’s too much for Aaron and he steps outside for some fresh air. Meanwhile Jerry thinks Jackson has never seemed better and reckons his son has finally turned a corner. He cheerily tells Hazel he’s looking forward to many more family gatherings. Hazel doesn’t look too sure and there’s a worrying finality to Jackson’s tone as he bids Jerry goodbye and tells him he loves him.

Back at home Hazel tries to convince Jackson that the successful evening at the Woolpack proves he can still have good days. But Jackson’s mind is made up. He reminds Hazel of the deal they made, and as she sobs begging him to reconsider, he tells her it’s time.

The Bartons get together with the Maceys to celebrate the deal signed between John and Declan. It’s an end to the hostilities and although no one fancies celebrating, Ella wastes no time in drinking enough for everyone. Moira takes the opportunity to have a quiet word with village’s resident Mrs Robinson and tells her to stay away from her son. Ella promises the fling is over but back at Home Farm she attempts to seduce Adam – but he tells her they’re finished… for good. A furious Ella doesn’t look like she’ll give in that easily.

Debbie’s throws a birthday party for Sarah but there’s tension between her and Alicia. There’s tension between Charity and Cain too – but the kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Meanwhile Leyla’s planning to propose to David but when he points out the wealth of unhappy couples in the village she loses her nerve.