First Aaron spoke from his heart as he and Jackson scattered Clyde’s ashes . Now it’s Jackson’s turn as he begs Aaron to finish his feud with mad Mickey. Jackson reveals he has paid Mickey to walk away. Why would he do that? Aaron wants to know and Jackson tells him: he’s in love with him.

Officer Abi has fallen for Ryan and is risking her career to help him. He’s not looking for love, but Abi is a pleasant distraction – and she’s proving useful. Outside prison, Declan has Natasha in his sights. He makes nice with her so he can be at the reading of the will, then he tells Faye to make sure she’s there, too.

With everything that’s happened, Alicia doesn’t know if she’s coming or going – and neither does Leyla. Alicia takes off with Jacob without so much as a ‘ta-ra’ but, before Leyla even has time to miss them, she’s back. She has nowhere else to go, which isn’t much of a surprise. What does knock the wind out of Leyla is Alicia’s admission that she’s jealous of the life she has with David. Uh-oh… First she took Leyla’s baby – who might be next?

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