Jackson tries to save Aaron from himself

Aaron is still running away from himself. It’s as if he thinks that just by refusing to talk about his sexuality it’ll mean he’s not gay. But he is. He won’t talk about facing court for thumping Jackson, either. He goes to work, desperately trying to pretend that all is well in his world. But it’s not. Paddy turns to Adam for help and Adam turns to Jackson, the one man who has really been able to get through to Aaron. Jackson’s stunned when he hears Aaron tried to kill himself. Ready to help, he goes with Adam to see Aaron… who pretty much slams the door in his face!

Farmer John’s another male on the road to self-destruction. He won’t pay Cain for repairs to his Land Rover because he thinks they weren’t done properly. Is he brave or stupid? Andy and Eve definitely think he’s crazy, but John thinks he can handle the angry Dingle. While John’s fooling himself, Cain is amusing himself with Moira by talking about Eve’s friendliness towards John.

Elsewhere, Nicola’s scared she bit off more than she could chew when she tried to teach Viv’s daughter Cathy a lesson by biting her. Will she miss her own wedding because she’s in prison?

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