Jackson’s tragic goodbye

Hazel marches through the village ignoring both Chas and Bob, they both wonder what can be wrong and remark that Jackson has also been acting strange. But they have no idea what’s really on Hazel’s mind. When Bob visits Hazel later asking if she and Jackson will come to the reopening of the cafe he’s unable to get any closer to the truth.

Meanwhile Jackson begins to record his final video message to be played after his death as Hazel and Aaron discuss if they’re doing the right thing helping Jackson to die.

As Hazel dresses Jackson Aaron is with Paddy helping to dress baby Leo. Sensing something is wrong with Aaron Paddy tries to get through to him, but a silent call from Hazel summons Aaron back to Jackson’s side.

Jackson says a tearful goodbye to Aaron and Hazel as Hazel brings him a drink that contains a lethal overdose. But Hazel can’t do it and it’s left to Aaron to help Jackson die bringing the glass to his boyfriend’s lips.

Later Aaron runs through the village. Paddy and Chas watch him flee and head to Hazel’s to get to the bottom of the problem, as Hazel cradles a lifeless Jackson in her arms.

Adam finally catches up with Aaron and discovers Jackson is dead. Aaron sobs: ‘I killed him’.