Jacob kisses Sonya

With Callum in a foul mood after his fight with Josie, Sonya calls him on it. Callum reveals the argument was about Josie’s theory that Jacob has a thing for Sonya. Unable to deal with the possibility, Sonya deflects, cancelling a planned business catch-up with Jacob and insisting that he and Toadie go to Charlie’s to watch the cricket. Relieved by the friendship that has formed, Sonya finally dismisses any doubts she had about Jacob’s intentions. But then, to her shock, Jacob kisses her.

Josh’s path towards self destruction continues, to Brad’s increasing concern. However, Terese finally understands what is scaring Josh – a fear of failure.

Confronted, Josh admits his fears and the increased pressure that has come with each success. Sympathetic, Terese helps Josh refocus and, making amends with Amber and Brad, he finally gets his life back on track.

Overworked and overtired, Terese is convinced Paul is planning something underhanded but she doesn’t know what. Her curiosity is piqued when some suspicious boxes are delivered to the hotel, bypassing the usual delivery procedures. Unable to resist, Terese sneaks a look at the contents and is stunned to discover Paul is planning a complete name change of Lassiters.