It’s the day after Alicia was jailed for assaulting Val and Jacob hasn’t taken the news well. With Nikhil along for support, David takes Jacob to the cafe for a treat. But Val’s in there – and Jacob thinks she’s the reason his mum is in prison. So, when Jacob sees that Val wants some orange juice he gives it to her – right down the front of her skirt and top. Jacob feels better now, but David is mortified and Nikhil, well, he’s just relieved none of the juice went on his clothes!

Zak’s relieved to be out of hospital again. He comes home – and the loan sharks are there to welcome him. They want their money – all of it, not just what Charity gave them – and Zak has 48 hours to find it.

Ruby has to find another job because she’s been caught looking after Sandy off the books. That upsets Ruby, but it’s Ali who really winds her up. Ruby realises Ali is obsessed by her friendship with Laurel and, upset by her lack of trust, Ruby walks out… And Laurel tells her she can sleep on her sofa.