Jacob wants Leyla to stick around

Unable to cope with having Leyla around any longer, Alicia and David have told her she must move on. They’re hoping the happy family vibe they had going on before Jacob’s biological mum muscled her way back into their lives will return. But that’s not going to happen if Jacob’s got anything to do with it – the young lad is so keen to have his mum stick around he offers her money to help her move into Katie’s!

Sam just won’t give up on Rachel and it’s doing everyone’s heads in. He’s convinced she’s going to call, and that they’re going to leave Emmerdale with Archie and Samson as planned. But even Ali is starting to give up on her sister – and she warns Sam to get a grip. Jai, meanwhile, is struck by Sam’s loyalty, which gets him to thinking…

Having been set on by heavies, clearly recruited by Charity and Declan, Dan and Ali reluctantly accept they’re out of their depth and have little chance of saving Rachel from her blackmailers.