Des explains that his racism stems from his parents being killed in a road accident, and in his grief he focused his blame on the driver’s nationality. They’re interrupted by Rose and Zak and fearful that Jacqui’s going to give him a second chance, Zak makes Des confess his plans to hurt Carmel and stop the wedding. Jacqui puts on an act for Des, letting him feel like things are okay but heads straight to Ravi with Zak’s tape.

Zak threatens to go to the police when it looks like Des is going to get away with his crimes, he doesn’t care if he’s implicated too. Seeing that Zak is prepared to sacrifice himself, Michaela says she’ll give him an alibi for the night of the attack, but still won’t take him back.

Malachy’s heading back to Hollyoaks and Cheryl’s overjoyed when Mercedes and Malachy have a blazing row. Then Cheryl’s half-brother Brendan turns up. It seems his wife has had an affair and he’s moving on. As Cheryl talks about her finances, Brendan takes an interest.

Also; Bart’s day brightens when he meets Jasmine. Bored, the two of them mess around with products in Evissa until Bart ‘borrows’ some cash from the till.

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