Jacqui finds a stray dog Terry that lifts her spirits. She also has her first counselling session and confides in Terry that it was hard. Rhys also uses the dog as a confidant, venting about his relationship. It slowly dawns that both Jacqui and Rhys find it easier to communicate with a dog than each other.

Brendan tells a gutted Ste that Declan can never know he’s gay and as his son will always come first, Ste needs to back off for a while. Ste is devastated but comes up with a plan to keep Brendan close. He offers Brendan two tickets for a holiday to Disney – he’s taking Leah and Lucas and wants Brendan and Declan to join them.

Lee finds an advertisement for a dream job for Amy, hoping to get back on her good side. She gets an interview for the job and she’s over the moon – but she needs to be able to drive. She seeks out Dodger’s help, much to Lee’s annoyance.

Also; Darren’s romantic plans are put on hold when Nancy gets a call asking her to come in for an interview.