Rhys is riled when Jacqui comes in at breakfast time. At Chez Chez, Jacqui’s bubble is burst when Macca reminds her that Brendan’s back tomorrow; Rhys is worried about her juggling Brendan and Danny.

Jacqui’s yet more perturbed when Macca warns her off. Later, Jacqui emerges from the bedroom to find candles, cava, and chips… Rhys lays it on the line – and Jacqui gives in! However, when Rhys mentions the ‘L’ word, Jacqui quickly gets out of bed and goes on the date with Danny.

The cast welcome Lee back, but he’s aghast when he sees Steph’s revised version and storms out. Lee thinks he’s speaking for everyone when he calls Steph on playing the cancer card, but he’s on his own. When Jem walks out, Lee wants Amy to take over.

Also, Seth’s perplexed when Taylor doesn’t respond to the good news that he’s made it onto the football team when he witnesses a spat between Taylor and Amber. When Seth fishes, Taylor confides in him and Seth promises to keep the secret. Meanwhile, Phil begs Taylor not to tell Amber the truth. But Taylor’s told her everything already, and so to make her feel better he tells her he lied about everything, which only makes her hate him more.

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