Jacqui and Rhys learn the truth!

Jacqui asks fun2bwith out on a date. With a bit of fishing, Cheryl works out that Rhys and Jacqui are about to unknowingly date each other. Later, Cheryl gets herself in position at Il Gnosh. When Rhys and Jacqui turn up, the penny finally drops. As Cheryl whips out her camera to snap the happy couple, Rhys and Jacqui try and get to grips with the fact they’ve been dating each other!

Amber’s behaviour is taking its toll on Gabby so Taylor tells it to her straight. Realising that she needs to be honest with her kids, Gabby wonders how she can tell Taylor and Amber the truth…

Brendan makes it his mission to find himself a suitable woman. When he spies Carmel as a potential candidate, and puts her intellect to the test. A curious Ste looks on but Brendan tells him to keep his nose out.

Also; Jacqui delights in revealing the groom’s identity to Steph, but the news that the wedding date is the same as Steph and Gilly’s comes as a shock. Steph can’t believe Cindy’s cheek and takes pleasure in informing Tony of his former wife’s imminent nuptials. Steph’s hurt, but Cindy won’t budge; she has to marry Alistair quickly.

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