Jacqui and Tony confront their fears

Jacqui and Tony admit to each other that they’re both frightened about becoming parents. But their chat helps them come to terms with the idea, and their excitement grows. However, they’re both brought back down to earth when Jacqui reminds Tony it’s going to be difficult to hide the fact they’re a couple. And she’s left in a quandary when Tony demands she move in with him so they can bring up the baby together.

Hannah and Melissa bond over Hannah’s eating problems, while John-Paul panics at seeing Spike for the first time since their break up. Later, as the gang watch a band in the SU, Melissa gets jealous of all the male attention Sarah’s attracting and speculates that her relationship with Craig won’t last now she’s a top model. Meanwhile, Craig annoys John-Paul when he accuses him of pressurising him into dumping Sarah, and Craig and Sarah ponder their future.

Jake and Nancy feel awkward after their night of passion, with Nancy worried that Jake won’t want her anymore. However, she’s reassured when Jake admits he’s keen for last night’s liaison to be the beginning of something more permanent, although both decide they’re not ready for everyone to see them as a couple.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday August 15*