The McQueens continue to struggle with Tina’s death following the funeral. Myra tries to make peace with Carmel but gets a mouthful from Jacqui instead. Jacqui is distraught after collecting her things from Tony’s flat and breaks down in Myra’s arms. Myra takes Jacqui home, but she refuses to live under the same roof as her sister, forcing a gutted Mercedes to move out.

Returning from a few days away, Louise finds some mysterious ladies underwear down the side of the couch and storms round to The Loft. Thinking quickly, Warren blames Cindy, and Mandy also points the finger at her. Furious when Louise publicly humiliates her in the pub, Cindy vows to clear her name by finding out exactly who Warren is cheating with. Mandy is left worrying that her secret will soon be out.

Leila is horrified when her dad Gov turns up at the college exhibition and she has to pass her work off as Justin’s. When Gov asks Justin to paint the family portrait, Leila accidentally accepts on his behalf.

Also, Neville is determined to make a success of The Dog as it has its grand re-opening and Rhys and Gilly decide to join Hannah at the MTV awards.

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