Jacqui is stunned when Tina tells her she can’t hand baby Max over. She loses her temper and rages at a horrified Tina for being selfish and reminds her of her affair with Russ, before begging Tina not to destroy her life. Meanwhile, after Dom tells Tony they are keeping the baby, Tony prepares for Jacqui to return home without Max. So he is shocked when she turns up with the baby in her arms.

Carmel and Val shop for wedding dresses with Carmel picking out her perfect gown. Carmel hurries home to tell Myra, but is stunned to discover Alek sitting in the kitchen, needing her help. Carmel lays into Alek for dumping her without explanation, but he explains why he had to leave and that he needs Jacqui to pretend to be his wife again.

Telling him Jacqui is too busy with her baby, Carmel offers to help him by giving him all of her wedding fund. Alek is grateful and they agree to meet up the next day. Wracked with guilt, Carmel returns home, but can’t bring herself to tell Calvin about her encounter…

Also, a mysterious beauty catches Russ’s eye.

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