Jacqui confronts Dom

When Tina confides in Mercedes about Dom’s ultimatum, her sister offers to arrange an abortion. Mercedes later accuses Jacqui of being selfish for making Tina sacrifice her marriage, and Jacqui confronts Dom. In the midst of the row, Tina runs off and ends up having a heart to heart with Dom who confesses his fears about the baby. But it’s not enough to convince Tina who vows to keep the baby.

As Nancy and Jake arrive back from their romantic weekend away, Jake tries to stop her being questioned by a concerned Sarah and Hannah who want to know why she didn’t meet them last Friday for their drink. Jake manages to cover, but is later annoyed when Nancy insists on going out for a drink with the girls. At the SU Bar, Sarah admits she’s worried about Jake’s possessiveness. But Nancy gets angry and defensive at Sarah’s criticism, and throws a drink in her face.

After Summer’s shift in charge of MOBS descends into chaos, she demands to know why Max keeps picking on her. Max eventually admits he doesn’t trust Summer not to hurt OB and worries she’s not good enough for him.

Also, Carmel passes her PCSO assessment.

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