Jacqui confronts Rhys

Rhys is surprised by Cindy and Tony’s engagement. Meanwhile, Cindy and Tony prepare for the gym’s re-launch and it’s awkward when Jacqui and Rhys turn up. Jacqui confronts Rhys about the necklace she found and he plays dumb, but Jacqui’s mind isn’t put at ease.

An old friend of Brendan and Cheryl’s arrives in the village. He turns out to be Lynsey’s brother, Eoghan, and it seems he may have something over Brendan. Ste is left wondering about their past. But when Eoghan reveals to Ste that he was Brendan’s ‘dirty little secret’, it all becomes clear.

Spurred on by Ally, Lacey and Dylan share a kiss but Lacey wonders if he’s the only one who fancies her.

Also, Jacqui discovers Joel and Theresa’s loot and demands the pair put it back. And Martha tries to help Ash but will it do her any favours?